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    Flatbreads Extrordinaire and Decadent Salads

FlatBreads Extraordinaire and decadent salads

You start by choosing between wheat pita, whole grain flatbread or salad and add a sauce: yogurt, pepperoncini or tahini.

Select your protein: chicken, beef, merguez, pork or mushroom.

Each dish includes lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives, onion blend, feta cheese and possibility of extra hummus, as adding beverage.

We purpose also as sides pita chips, hummus, chips and sauce or chips and hummus.

Food Truck Menu
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Catering Buffet Package

For 10 to 200 persons

Packages : Two Meat or Gourmet Buffet

Choice of two or four proteins between beef, chicken, merguez, pork or mushrooms.

Each package includes : lettuce, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, onion blend, freshly-made hummus. Our sauces : yogurt (tasty spices) pepperoncini (medium hot, fresh herbs), tahini (sesame-based). Pita chips, wheat pitas, wholegrain flatbread. Bowls, sporks, napkins, serving spoons/tongs, stands chafing dishes and fuel. 

Catering Menu

Express Box: Pita or salad

For 10 to 200 persons

Do you have a party coming and no space to set up a buffet? Try our Custom Express Pita or Salad Box.

Choose Pita or Salad and select the protein : Chicken, Beef, Merguez, Pork, Mushrooms.

Each Pita or Salad includes : lettuce, tomato, cucumber, yogurt sauce, feta cheese, olives and onions.

Plus, for every two persons, we include a bag of Pita Chips, Tahini Sauce and Hummus.

Catering Menu

Pita Chips and Sauces Snacks

For 10 to 200 persons

If you just need a snack for your cocktail, meeting or party our pita chips, hummus and sauces are the best solution.

All blend include pita chips, freshly-made hummus, our sauces: yogurt (tasty spices) pepperoncini (medium hot, fresh herbs), tahini (sesame-based).

Catering Menu